Human Resource Implementation and Management

  • Human Resource Audits to Identify the Required and Appropriate Work Place Policies.
  • Human Resource Assistance (by Issue or Project) in Creating, Implementing and Maintaining Effective Work Place Policies and Procedures – Includes Creating or Updating Employee Manuals

Set-up the Process to Find the Right People For Your Team

  • Identifying What Work or Position is Needed to Address Your Business Goals
  • Identifying the Ideal Employee – Understand the Supervisor’s and Business Owner’s Standards for the Position and Set-Up the Process to Properly Evaluate Candidates
  • Coach Team Members on How to Interview & Evaluate Candidates – Give Interview Questions
  • Create Testing Materials or Where to Find Existing Testing Materials

Job Duties and Standards

  • Creating Formal Duties and Standards for Work Place Effectiveness, Performance Reviews and Career Growth
  • How to Determine if a Career Path Exists for an Employee and Setting Up a Process to Achieve the Career Growth
  • Set-Up a Team Member for Success – (Know how to formulate the job duties and expectations to play to an employee’s strengths)

Guidance on Compensation Issues

  • Understanding the Components of Compensation – Increases, Raises, Benefits – and Communicating These Components to Employees
  • Provide Compensation Ranges for Various Positions
  • Creating Incentive Programs (Bonuses) With a Process for Evaluation and Reward

Creating Orientation and Training Schedules

  • Provide Forms, Documentation and Applications for the New Hire
  • Set-Up a Schedule to Bring the New Employee “On Board” Which Includes What to Train and Who Will Train
  • Set-Up Career or Training Programs for Existing Employees

Work Performance Reviews

  • How Can I Successfully Coach a Person to be Better?
  • Provide Ideas and Guidance on Identifying and Reducing Stress and Conflict in Working Relationships
  • Setting Up a Discipline Process with Template Forms, Next Steps Outline, Follow-Up and Communicating Expected Results
  • Assistance in Terminating Employees

Employee Retention

  • How to Keep Really Great Employees
  • How to Understand Employees Leaving and Manage This “Turnover” – (We help you identify why good people are leaving and what you can do to reduce or prevent it)
  • Management and Employee Surveys on Job and Work Place Satisfaction
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