Speaking Engagements

Imagine the Future

** 2014 WIFS National Conference ** Become Skilled in Finding, Developing and Retaining the Right People on Your Team – Everyone knows that high performing individuals impact your business. They “run circles around” or leave your average or disengaged people “in the dust”. High Performers are more prevalent than you would think, but they “don’t just happen” without the proper identification and development.

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Avoid the Money Pit

** Financial Planning Association – Business Solutions Conference ** How Human Resources Can Increase Your Profits, Gain The Respect of Your Employees and Raise the Viability of Your Business – In the movie, The Money Pit, decisions and lack of information led to a series of surprising, agonizing and very expensive outcomes. Just as “let the buyer beware”, the employer should beware of these costly human resource “pitfalls”.

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