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2014 WIFS National Conference

Become Skilled in Finding, Developing and Retaining the Right People on Your Team

Everyone knows that high performing individuals impact your business.

They “run circles around” or leave your average or disengaged people “in the dust”. High Performers are more prevalent than you would think, but they “don’t just happen” without the proper identification and development.

This session will help you identify talent for your team, develop it and focus it on driving business and individual results.

Who will benefit?

Business Owners who have employees, looking to hire or thinking about hiring. Managers, Reps, Agents that want team members who will successfully contribute. You don’t have to be a business owner to benefit from this session.    

What will we cover?

  • Using Processes to Identify Talent
  • How to Develop High Performers
  • What Happens When A High Performer Is Sinking – What Can Be Done?
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Hiring to Get the Jobs Done!

Mary Dunlap, CFP, Mary Dunlap Consulting

High performing employees are more prevalent than you think, but they “don’t just happen”. This session will teach you to identify. harness and focus talent on driving individual and business results.

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